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E.E.F Padre Vendelino Wiemes Profile

Brief History:

The E.E.F Pe.Vendelino Wiemes is an elementary school situated at 893 Alberto Klabunde Street in the neighborhood of Cedrinho in the city of Brusque. It was founded on September 21, 1938 in the Chapel of São Sebastião under the name Escola Isolada Municipal Cedrinho.

On February 18, 1949, Mr. Sebastião Cardeal donated a piece of land where he built the first school building of wood and renamed it as the Escola Isolada Municipal Dr. Raul Schaeffer, in honor to the state Senator at the time.

In 1956, the school was rebuilt with masonry and became known as the Escola Mista Rotary Clube Padre Vendelino Wiemes. The name was dedicated to the Priest of the chapel of the neighborhood, while Rotary Clube was included because this entity helped the school immensely.

However, on May 5, 1960, the school was officially renamed as Escola Mista Municipal Pe.Vendelino Wiemes by decree No. 13. The school goes on to further change names in 1992 to Escola Multisseriada para Escola Reunida Municipal Pe.Vendelino Wiemes, and again in 2000 to Escola de Ensino Fundamental Pe.Vendelino Wiemes; both name changes were made through decrees issued by the Brazillian Government.

Today, 71 years after its founding, the Escola de Ensino Fundamental Pe. Vendelino Wiemes counts on a staff of 19 under the coordination of Principal Kelly Cristina Medeiros Souza Bergler and serves 145 students, with 54 children in kindergarten and 91 children in the elementary school.

An interesting fact is that the school is named in honor of Father Vendelino - known to be always smilling - who also serves as an example of simplicity, friendship and generosity.

Quick Facts:

Number of Computers in School/ Working: 1/1

The school recently finished a computer lab, but has only one system set up. The space allows for a maximum of 10 systems.

Contact Information:

893 Alberto Klabunde Street

Cedrinho, Brusque - Santa Catarina, Brazil

Principal: Kelly Cristina Bergler


Padre Vendelino Wiemes School Gallery

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