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E.E.F Ponta Russa Profile

Brief History:

The E.E.F Ponta Russa is an elementary school located at 837 Rua Ponta Russa, in the Ponta Russa neighborhood. Founded in the early 1940's in a house rented by Daniel Monfardini, it initially had 32 students in the first through fourth grade. Later, the school received the adjacent lot in the form of a donation from Pedro Sbardelatti and Carlos Miguel Bertolini. In 1983, the state government of Santa Catarina renamed the school as Escola Isolada Ponta Russa. In 1996, the school was amplified by the City of Brusque; however, it was only in 1998 that it was integrated into the City of Brusque Educational System. In 2000, the City of Brusque changed the name to what is now know as - Escola de Ensino Fundamental Ponta Russa - or E.E.F Ponta Russa.

In the neighborhood which the school serves, there are approximately 230 families, many of whom are descendants of Italians, preserve their culture from their homelands.

Currently, there are 44 students attending the school in grades 1-4. The faculty consists of 5 teachers, including a technology teacher, 2 kitchen staff, one supporting staff and one secretary. The principal of E.E.F Ponta Russa is Irmrgardt Horn Constantini.

Quick Facts:

Number of Computers in School/ Working: 4/ 2

All four computers are Intel Pentium MMX with 64MB running XP Lite.

Contact Information:

837 Rua Ponta Russa, Ponta Russa

CEP 88 357-110, Brusque - Santa Catarina, Brazil

Phone: (47) 3396-0083

CPNJ 83 602 625/0001-15


Ponta Russa School Gallery

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