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About Us

Project GreenED was founded by Nicholas Yonezawa, an aspiring environmentalist, with the help of Dr. John Hardman and his great friends. Nicholas noticed the need to incorporate technology in public schools in Brazil and in many developing countries. After doing extensive research process, Nicholas hand-picked the schools to receive the material that have none to few computers per classroom.

The Project GreenED Team believe that by not having computers in the classroom prevents students from gathering knowledge through the World Wide Web. In addtion, we strongly believe in recycling, which saves natural resources and reduces the impact on the Earth. Since it takes a great deal of resources and energy to build new computers, recycling and reusing are one of the main driving points behind the idea of Project GreenED. With these aspects in mind, ProjectGreenED was founded, with the dedicated team striving to provide technology to the less fortunate schools while at the same time reducing their impact on the Earth.

Social - Sustainable - Green.


John Hardman, Ph.D. (Senior Advisor): As an expert in social entreperneurship and Principal Investigator of the Global Hope and Opportunity Project (, John Hardman provides the background and expertise to support the effective development of Project GreenED.

Nicholas Yonezawa: Founder and President. Nicholas oversees all the activities, such as expenses, shipping and the website, while also promoting the project. He also assists anyone else in case of any problems.

Nicholas Mejia: Vice President/Technology Assistant. Nicholas assists the president, by seeing where help is needed and informing the manager of any problems or requirements. As technical assistant, he will help the technical leaders fix the electronic devices, and will also be putting the operating system and required software on the computers.

Rachael Kelly: Marketing and Promoting. Rachael Kelly markets and promotes the project in the community.

Laureen Meroueh: Marketing and Promoting.

Ricardo Peralta Jr.: Technology Assistant/Website. Ricardo maintains the website up and running, updating it when necessary and making sure that it does not run into any problems in the future. As a Technology Assistant, he works with in the area of installing and formatting the computers/laptops.

Gabriel "Gabe" Quinones-Medina: Technology Leader. Gabe fixes the electronics and adds the necessary software. In addition, he assists the President by making sure the entire process is streamlined.

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