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E.E.F Poço Fundo Profile

Brief History:

In mid-1905, fifty-two families residing in the Poço Fundo neighborhood had an idea and met to establish a school for their children. The payment of the teacher would be done with the contribution of parents. With the parents in agreement, the Escola de Ensino Fundamental Poço Fundo was founded.

Upon the construction of a room in March 1906, the school started serving the community. The first teacher hired by the parents was Mr. Bartholomew Zucco, who served until 1924. Starting in 1925, Francisco Bodenmuller assumed the teaching position, which he taught until 1934. Both teachers were children of the Poço Fundo neighborhood.
In 1991, the school signed an agreement with the Santa Catarina State Department of Education, which allowed the school to be integrated with the City of Brusque education system.

Today, 103 years after its founding, the Escola de Ensino Fundamental Poço Fundo has grown to a staff of 25 and serves 241 students enrolled in grades 1 through 8.


Quick Facts:

Number of Computers in School/ Working: 10/10

The school has a computer lab set up, however, the computers they received were incorrectly delivered to the school. They must now be returned.

Contact Information:

Estrada Geral nº 1.111

Poço Fundo, Brusque - Santa Catarina, Brazil

Phone: (47) 3355-8187

Principal: Evandro Ademir Félix


Poço Fundo School Gallery

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