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Project GreenED

Welcome to Project GreenED

Mission Statement:

Since the average use of a computer in the United States is two and a half years, many computers that still have a lot of potential collect dust or end up in a landfill. With this eye-opening fact in mind, Project GreenED's purpose is to gather laptops and desktops in good working condition and donate them to schools in developing countries that are less fortunate to have them. The "GreenED Team" will clean, format (if needed), and install Edubuntu, an educational version of Linux. After going through this process, the equipment will be donated to hand-picked schools in Brazil that are less fortunate to have this technology. Looking further in the future, we hope to eventually expand this project to other schools in Latin America.

We understand that not every computer that we receive will be working. Therefore, we will attempt to use every working part and then allocate the remains of non-working computers to recycling companies that do so in an earth-friendly way.

Social - Sustainable - Green.

Current Status for First Shipment



Working Computers: 50/50

Needed: $3000

Monitors: 50/50

Raised: $500

Printers: 4/4

If you would like your donation to be tax-deductible, please contact us.



Ready to Donate?

Please begin by clicking on the following link

Donation Form

Follow this link for information regarding your Hard Drive

With your donation, you will be helping children in Brazil enhance their learning through technology, as well as helping the Earth at the same time.


Questions? Comments? Concerns?

In the event of questions, comments, or concerns regarding Project GreenED, please refer to our Contact Us page for more specific information.

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